Saturday, July 26, 2014


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your were short? Now I don't mean like where you have to get on your tippy toes to reach a cup in the upper cabinets. I mean short to where you're climbing the counters just to reach a cup on the first shelf of the cabinet! This sort of thing is normal for me at any given day you could be visiting my house and you might just see me climbing the counters like a damn monkey lol! Hey sometimes I'm too lazy to go get the stool haha!

You know your short when your grocery shopping and you're having to climb into the fridge isle just to get the milk on the top shelf.

You know your short when you have to cut a good 6 inches off of your jeans just so you can wear them without dragging all over the dang place.

You know your short when you're checking out at the register and they think your just a kid.

You know your short when your shoes and some of your clothes come from the kid section.

You know your short when your 6 year old daughter is just about the same height as you. 

My mother and my younger brother who happens to be over 6 ft!

Grandpa, me when pregnant, and mom! Short genes run in family!
You know your short when your changing your laundry load over and your whole body is half way in the dang washer to reach the last sock at the bottom.

You know your short when the seat in your car is pushed all the way up and you still have to put wooden blocks on your pedals.

These things are the norm for me, a lot of people ask me are you a midget? Well lets start off with the proper terminology. Midget is used as a derogatory term, and most short people prefer not to be called that. I personally prefer little person. There are many types of little people just to name a couple there is achondroplasia and pseudoachondroplasia. The fact is we are just like everyone else we work and have families, and live life just like normal sized people. We just have to do things a little different. I guess the reason why I am writing this is a lot of people aren't educated on the subject and might poke fun or call names. When I was a kid it was tough because let's be honest kids can be mean! I mean brutal! Now that I am an adult it's really no big deal and I don't have to deal with all of that but I do worry about my Lola growing up and kids judging her for her height. I know that she will grow up and be a strong woman for everything she will go through growing up tiny. You tend to grow some tough skin and soon you stop to notice the people staring and pointing at you all together. But the truth is that once you get to know me I am just like every other mother out there just might have to climb a few counters a day to get those bottles down :)
Here is a picture of Tony and I look how tiny I am compared to him :)

Lots of people ask me do you wish you were taller? and I say "NOPE" I love being short! And that's that!


  1. Shared on my Google+! (Visiting from Blogging It Forward on FB.) I will join your friend connect and Google+ too. Hope you'll stop by my blog and do the same :) Thanks!

  2. Hey Chantil! Great post. I really enjoyed reading it because it shows that you are comfortable and confident with your height, and I love that about you! Many times people grow up being self conscious about one thing or another, but you have embraced your uniqueness and turned it into something beautiful :) I know your daughter will too. Stopping by from the Blogging it Forward Facebook group.