Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Try It Tuesday

Hello everyone! I have an awesome post today and have been so eager to share this with you! I recently posted some pictures on my Instagram, it was  my chair cushions before and after pics and a lot of people were wanting to know the DIY recipe! Let me say that this is life changing haha! The great thing about this recipe you can make a big batch of it and store it in any container! Let me jump right in with the before and afters so you can see what we are working with here.
This is the before! YUCK! These were given to me.

AMAZE BALLS! After my DIY stain remover!
So as you can see the difference is amazing! Although you can still see a little bit of that big stain from before I still think the difference is like night and day.
1. Peroxide
2. Dawn dish soap (Blue kind)
3.Baking Soda

Start off by mixing two parts peroxide and one part Dawn. Mix thoroughly but don't make it sudsy. Then add in just enough baking soda to make the mixture a creamy consistency. That is it girlies! So simple and easy, you can save the rest of your mixture in a dark colored container preferably. The peroxide reacts to light exposure so should be kept in a dark bottle or jar. 

How to Use
Put mixture onto stain and scrub with a toothbrush or one of those scrub brushes used for dishes. Leave on for 30 minutes and check back with it. If needs more scrubbing do so and let sit for an additional 30 minutes. I let mine sit for an hour and scrubbed every 30 minutes. After your 30-60 minutes is up wash clean with water and VOILA! You should have a stain free product! This is especially great for those bib stains from formula or breast milk. 

I hope this tutorial has helped some of you! I was so happy to have found this recipe on pinterest. I plan on doing more tutorials in the future so look out for those :) 
From one momma to another have an amazing day! And may it be filled with stain free laundry! 

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