Sunday, June 29, 2014

Red White N Blue Smoothie


I absolutely LOVE making smoothies! There are unlimited combinations and the kids love them as well. I decided to share a festive smoothie that we have been loving in our house lately! 
Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Blueberries
Coconut Water 


Start by adding the frozen fruit first. I always fill it to about halfway in the blender. Next add your banana, and then fill your blender to about halfway point again with coconut water. Blend away and enjoy! I love this combination and is very festive for the 4th of July! A couple of tips on making smoothies. I always buy the fresh berries when they are on sale and buy a butt load of them! Then wash and freeze them in ziploc freezer bags. That way you are not spending a lot of money on fruit that isn't in season and at a fraction of the cost! Also adding bananas makes your smoothies very creamy and a thicker consistency. Lastly try adding kale or spinach you can't even taste that it's in there and you get a boost of iron and fiber. So go out and try out some fun combos and maybe give this recipe a try as well! Let me know what you think of it :) Everyone have a fun and safe 4th!
Till next time MAMASITAs... lots of fireworks and sunscreen your way!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Luau Summer BBQ!! ON THE CHEAP!

So summer is here and all I can think about is BBQ's, swimming, and long nights by the fire pit roasting smores. I was at the dollar tree and saw all of the amazing luau decorations and it sparked a creative flare in me! My mother's birthday was coming up and I was ready to throw an awesome luau but on the cheap (My favorite). I'm going to break it down for you what I spent and maybe inspire you to go out and throw your own fabulous party! To start I pretty much bought everything at the dollar tree so that helped, and seriously guys you can find soooo much there!
Things I bought at Dollar Tree
Glow in the dark sticks
Leis 2 packs
Hula skirt
Coconut bra
Wall Decorations 2 Packs
Chinese Lanterns 4x
Pink flamingos 2x
Grass skirt door decoration
Hawaiian Balloon weights 4x
Total Cost under $20

Things I already had on hand
Streamers in assorted colors
Glass vases to display things 
Some colorful twirly decorations to hang from ceiling
Total Cost FREE
Food On the cheap
Hotdogs (Bar S Brand On sale $1 each)
Buns ($1 each pack)
Condiments (Free already had)
Chips and Dip ($4)
Homemade fruit tray watermelon and pineapple ($5)
Homemade veggie tray carrots, 3 rainbow bell peppers ($3)
Hummus to dip (2 for $3)
Lemonade and Ice tea  to make Arnold Palmers ($4 for both)
Total Cost around $25 with tax
Here are some pictures so you can see what we did to make it festive looking on the cheap!

 This whole wall was created with streamers and just taped down the shape to the wall. Then added some birds and flowers from the Dollar Tree.

 Glow sticks for the kids! 

Rainbow streamers for the entry way!

I made this tiki mask cake with a box of yellow cake mix and 1 container of white frosting and then just used food coloring for the different colors! I used watermelon and blueberries and pineapple for the eyes and mouth. 

So go out and be inspired to be festive and have fun this summer on THE CHEAP!