Get to Know ME!

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the world! To start off here is a lil about myself. My name is Chantil and  I was born in Southern California and lived by the beach most my life. I moved from Orange County California in 2008 to Prescott Arizona where you get all four seasons and there is lush forest and wild life. It is truly a beautiful place. Then I met my soulmate there and we bought a house one year ago in phoenix AZ. People always ask WHY would you move there? Yes! I know it's hot and I know it's a big busy city, but we wanted to start our family in a place where there was lots of opportunity to grow and have choices when it came to careers and schools. I am a mother of two baby girls ( I say baby because they will always be babies in my eyes) even though the oldest is six years old and the youngest is eighteen months. I have the pleasure to share my life with an amazing man, he is everything that I ever wanted and the perfect daddy to my girls! I started this blog because I moved away from all my family and friends, and wanted to have a place where I could share my thoughts and adventures in my new life. The online community has been a great outlet for me and I have met some great people and now I have a place where I can share all my thoughts and ideas with you. So take a look around and leave me some blogger love! It's always exciting to see your guys input!

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  1. Hi Chantil, you may remember me as Ashy Morgan, in high school...since then I got actually met him on one of our crazy adventures, I have a two year old girl and a boy due in February. I'm a SAHM in San Diego. Anyways check out my blog, if you get a chance and hit me up id love to catch up with you; Happy Thanksgiving!