Saturday, May 31, 2014


With only one more day left of school for Gwen I am fearing those two words "IM BORED" that will not be aloud in this house this summer! OH HELL NO! I have been on pinterest pinning away different activities for the girls and I to get our hands into. Even though it will be in the triple digits almost the whole summer, I think we will be prepared this time. We decided it would be best if we invested in a  pool and we have already started to break it in! The water is so warm and night swimming is a blast! The girls love it, and so do Tony and I. I wanted to give you mamas some ideas to keep your lil ones busy this summer and maybe you have some ideas of your own you would be willing to share as well!

  1. SCAVENGER HUNT- Now if you live in a place where it's NOT over 100 degrees in the summer you can do this outside and have the kids look for pinecones, green leaves, rocks, etc. Or the other option I am going to have to do is an inside scavenger hunt with items like a paperclips, glue, blue piece of paper, etc. this will keep them busy for at least an hour or more depending on how many items you put on your list. FREE
  2. CHALK- I don't know about your kids but my Gwenny loves anything to do with art, so this is the perfect thing to do in the late afternoon when it starts to cool down, and she will be occupied with this for as long as I let her be outside haha and uhm hello! plus its like only $1 for a  box of colorful chalk at the dollar tree. cha ching! $1
  3. PUPPET MAKING- So fun and a good way for kids to use their imagination! All you need is some brown paper bags, construction paper, left over yarn, markers or crayons, glue, popsicle sticks, or whatever else you can think of to use around the house. Then after put up a sheet and let the kids put on a puppet show! So fun! $5 GIVE OR TAKE
  4. PAPER TOWEL ROLL AND TAPE-This one is great for the younger ones! All you do is tape a left over paper towel roll to the wall and give your lil one things to drop through it into a bowl at the bottom. Things you can use are pom poms, cotton balls, mini marshmallows (although Lola just might eat them instead haha) FREE
  5. LOWES- They have workshops during the month on saturdays where the kids can make things and best of all its FREE
  6. GO TO THE MOVIES- Harkins theaters has a summer program check it out here kids can watch movies for less than $1 a pop! Now thats a deal and it's a great way to escape the heat and stay nice and cool for part of the day! $1
  7. LIBRARY- Our library offers free lego play time and story time as well as arts and crafts on certain days. Check out your local library you would be surprised at the things they offer. It's an awesome way to meet other mothers and for kids to still be social while not in school. FREE
  8. PLAYDOUGH- I searched a long while on pinterest for different recipes on DIY versions but this by far sounds like the nicest. Here is a link to a silky smooth playdough. It only requires 2 ingredients! In my book easy is best! $3
  9. GARDEN- Let your kids pick out a special plant or some seeds and let them plant it in a pot and then the whole summer its their whole responsibility to take care of it and watch it grow. We got ours from the dollar tree and it had soil, seeds, and planter all ready to put together. $1-5
  10. DOLLAR TREE- Lastly this is the ultimate summer central. I stocked up on some great activities here for the summer. Just to name a few paint your own suncatcher, DIY sunvisor to decorate, coloring books and sooo much more! I plan on posting some of the cool stuff you can get from the dollar tree in a future post! $1
May your summer be filled with lots of sunblock and DIY crafts! Till next time mamasitas!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A quick DIY for your garbage disposal!

So about a week ago there was this stench coming from my kitchen I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. After Further inspection it was the garbage disposal! Ugh! So gross! Well, this called for some Pinterest research and I found an awesome and super cheap I might ad fix to this smelly problem.

Things you will need

Ice cube tray

2 Lemons

Start off by cutting your lemons into small wedges (small enough to fit nicely into each ice cube tray section). You then take a slice and put one into each hole. Gwen my oldest one loved this part she was so eager to put them so neatly in each section. Next pour the vinegar over the lemon slices in each slot. Put in freezer until frozen, and VOILA! You have these cute little deodorizer cubes for your garbage disposal. Just run hot water and put one down the shoot and let it rip! Smells so fresh and clean! I stored all of the cubes in a huge ziploc freezer bag and whenever I need a refresher I just pop one of these bad boys in the sink. This whole thing costed me $2 and I made 2 batches of cubes. Hope this was helpful! It's always the little things that make a difference. Tony makes fun because small things like this I get easily excited about haha! I couldn't wait for him to get home so I could show him what his little house wife had done bahaha!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Being silly!
I'm BACCCKKK!  After a long journey of going back to the workforce I am back home with my babies and SOOOO happy about it this time! While I was on like an eight month hiatus I have been through a ton of craziness that I thought I might end up in a loony bin, but here I am writing to you guys and ready to poor my thoughts out to you mommy's out there, hoping some of you can relate. So who out there has gone into a situation thinking "Oh yah I can totally do that!" and then when giving your best shot at it you think to yourself "Oh good gosh what did I get my self into??!!!" I am notorious for taking on WAY too much and its all in good intention but I just tend to get overwhelmed and then freeze and nothing gets done. So we will begin where I last left off on this blog. I last told you guys I was going to start working and I did just that. So you gals can kind of see why I might have gone to a loony bin here is what my schedule looked like on a normal day. Monday through Friday I would wake up at 1230 midnight and get ready for work and leave the house by 130 am to get to work by 2 am. Then I would drive all over the valley in the wee hours of the night  sucking the blood I mean drawing blood of patients in Long term care homes all the way till 1030 am, I would proceed to drive my 1 hour commute home to get my oldest from school by 1130 am. Now there is major traffic usually so I would be speeding home hoping to God I wouldnt get caught (which by the way I ended up getting a ticket the day after Christmas UGH) but thats a different story, so get to Gwen's school and then come home to make lunch for everyone. At this point I was ready to drop dead into the mayonnaise and meat filled sandwich I had just made. Tony then would go upstairs to get ready for work and by 130 in the afternoon my hunny would be gone. I would literally see him for like 30 minutes everyday during the week. You can imagine what that did to our relationship. Lola my sweet baby would so lovingly keep me up for the next hour or two until she would finally pass out for her afternoon nap. Gwen meanwhile is doing homework and getting her things ready for school for the next day. I would guiltily put on a movie for gwen and plop her on the couch so I could maybe get some ZZZ's. It would tug on my heart strings every time I went to nap and Gwen would say Mommy I don't want you to sleep I want to spend time with you! But if I didn't take care of myself which includes sleeping I would be no good to anyone in my family. At this point I was so exhausted that even if I tried I couldn't keep my eyes open if I wanted to. So sleep for an hour and then back up to get baths and dinner started and rush from about 5 pm to 7pm to get both the girls fed dinner and into bed. Where is the time that I got to spend with my family you might ask??? NEVER! Yup that is why Tony and I decided it was a good idea for me to come back home for good just until Lola was old enough to go to preschool. So here I am home and ready to start up this blog again and very excited about it might I add! I plan on posting some tutorials for things around the house and I have a never ending list of things I want to accomplish as far as some DIYs go. Until next time chicas I will see you later... Here are some pictures of the last 8 months so you can see what my family and I have been up to.
Our first Xmas tree in our new house!

At the pumpkin patch with daddy!

Gwen's ice princess halloween costume.

(Sparkle Heart) our elf on the shelf getting into trouble.

Lola's 1st Birthday

Lola during new years eve!
Gwen's recital!