Friday, July 11, 2014

Easy and Cheap Organizing "Dollar Tree"

I recently started on an organizing binge! Do you guys do that? I just get into these kicks and start organizing EVERYTHING! I'm sure Tony is used to it by now, he comes home and things are put in a different place almost every day. I think my inspiration this time was Jennifer from organized like Jen on youtube. I came across her channel and I was like "Uhm I have to organize NOW!" haha! Seriously you have to go check out her channel. She has amazing tips and I think she might be one of the most organized people in the world LOL. here is the link to her channel. DISCLAIMER (Only start watching her channel if you have like five hours to just be addicted and binge out on her channel) Just sayin! So with that being said, I embarked on an adventure of organizing my home. I started with something easy and little. I suggest doing something small to start off with because you don't want to get overwhelmed or better yet discouraged. Everything I purchased was from the Dollar Tree and for each cabinet under the sink I spent about $3-$5. In my opinion that's a great deal!
Kitchen Sink Cabinet

As you can see I have 3 containers all from the Dollar Tree. Starting from left to right the first square bin has all of my everyday cleaning stuff such as counter sprays and dish detergent. Next square bin has dusters, sponges, and clothes. Lastly the red basket with handles is my bathroom cleaning caddy. My thought behind this when I purchased it was I could easily take it into all the bathrooms when cleaning. All of this storage costed me just $3! Hell yeah! :)

Downstairs Bathroom

This cabinet I have those same two red bins from the kitchen I loved so much. I purchased these from the Dollar Tree.   Back left bin has all of my extra lotions and soaps. When I Have family stay I have extra lotion, shampoo and toothbrushes that they can use. The left red bin has mouthwash and flossers for easy availability and also some of Gwen's hair ties and brushes so that I can do her hair in the morning for school while she is eating breakfast. You can see in the front left I have Cinderella flushable wipes and sanitizer. I am potty training my one year old at the moment, I do plan on doing a whole post on early potty training soon. I'm currently perfecting the whole thing right now. Whole cost of this cabinet $2 cha ching!
Girl's Upstairs Bathroom

So this bathroom is for my girls. Gwen is the only one who currently uses it so it has only her things in it currently. From left to right I have these pink bins that I purchased at the dollar tree when I was pregnant with Gwen so they are like 7 years old but they have held up great, so I use them still. First bin has her bath stuff and extra lotions. Next is her hair combs, brushes, and hairspray. Does your 6 year old do her own hair and come down with like a million clips in her hair! I die every time she comes to me and is like "Look mommy don't I look pretty!" haha anyway... the little chevron cases are awesome and I got these at the dollar tree a week ago! I grabbed the last 2! If you would have seen me it was like I had struck gold. People probably were looking at me funny! Both of those hold hair ties, bows and tons of clippies. It would have costed me $4 but because I already had the two bins grand total for this sink $2!

Master Bathroom Vanity

So let me first start by saying this is not my favorite set up. But it works! It's somewhat tidy and neat with some function. I had bought these turquoise woven material baskets at the Dollar Tree probably about three years ago. So I use them for now until I know exactly what I want to do with this sink. In the back left I have a huge pile of hot tools and hair dryer. I could probably toss out most of the hot tools but you just never know what you might need haha! In front of that the square basket has my hair things next to that you can barely see it but there is a clear long plastic rectangle filled with all of my hair clips I make. Would you guys like a post on how I make these? Let me know in the comments if that's something you would like to see. Next I have in the back right corner my first aide basket with all of my Band-Aids  and things fro boo boos! In front of that is same basket filled with a butt load of lotions and oils. Hey a girl never knows what kind of mood they will be in so you have to have options! :p Technically I only paid $1 for this cabinet but including the baskets I spent $4! 

So there you have it! You don't have to spend a ton of money on things to be organized! I spent a grand total of $13 for all of my sink organizing! The Dollar Tree is the hot spot to meet all of your organizational needs!
Until next time mamasitas lots of organizing your way!

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