Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Strep and Teething a mother's nightmare!

SOOO I have been gone for a few days, because upon coming home from California my babies were struck with fevers, teething, strep, and massive diarrhea! Sorry TMI! but all you mommies no what I'm talking about right?? I can officially say I am worn down! I look like a wreck and I'm even lucky to get a shower in at his point haha...
I am not ashamed that I have no makeup on and my hair is a hot mess! That's ok cuz all moms have these days right??? ok see a pattern here haha I need some reassuring that this is normal and I will be ok and get through this. At this point needless to say I am stressed but that's normal right???
Last night I spent three whole hours in the emergency room with my Gwenny and turns out she has strep!!! Poor baby I have had this and it just aint cool! And Lola has a tooth coming in and is crankier than heck! So right now my mommy belt consist of Orajel, Powerade (the pink kind), Tylenol, and cough drops!
and these cough drops are our favorite because they don't taste like medicine! haha
plus my grandpa use to give me these when I was a little girl and I know they are the best! and only the best for my little princesses :) 
Lastly I will leave you with these 2 sleeping angels! FINALLY sleeping angels!

Hope you guys have a good week and remember EVERYTHING will be ok!!! 
Until next time chicas lots of love and orajel your way :)

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