Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Cali trip!

So I am originally from Orange County California and all my family lives out there. I come from a big hispanic family so we are use to always being around each other and doing things together, but since we have all disbursed and moved to different places it makes it so hard to get together all at the same time! SOOOO my mom was so kind and invited me for a girls trip to cali and we packed our kiddos in the mom van haha and was off to cali! Let me just say this was so last minute like she called me saturday at like 1 pm and was gone by 7 pm (she lives like 2 hours away from me) so she had to pick me up first! We didn't look at the weather and ran into major rain storms! We were so scared the whole time I was guiding my mom on the road, like " your doing good mom, you got it, your still in the lines!!" I dunno if it was helping her or not but it made me feel better! Finally we made it to cali and when I walked into my Titi's (aunt's) house my grandma was so so happy to see us! It was a good surprise because she had no idea we were coming. The whole weekend was fun to watch my kids play with their cousins and visit with my family. Made me miss the old days when we always saw each other! Every morning us ladies started the coffee machine because we Puertoricans love our coffee in the am!  Honestly we didn't even do much while we were there but just being at the house with everyone was so nice and was a great break from the norm. I did miss Tony quite a bit and he was wanting pictures of the girls while we were gone. I had to send him something so here are some of the pics he got!
 Gwen in the background with her Starbucks! I swear she is such a lil diva! She is the Paris Hilton of the house haha!
 Lola just chilling in the car! If tony was a girl this is what he would look like haha she looks so much like her daddy! There is no denying this one :)
And last this is my Abuela! Gosh I love her so much! After I had Lola she came and stayed with us for like 3 months and helped me with the baby and settling into the new house. Lola was so happy to have her Mamalinda to hold her again after not seeing her for 2 months! 

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